Worship Servant Position Descriptions

Worship Servant Position Descriptions

Drawing of hands shakingGreeters

Greeters are the ones who give the first impression of our church. Greeters extend a warm welcome!

  • Arrive twenty minutes before the start of worship
  • Wear a greeter’s badge (found on or in the “Welcome Center” stand) and a name tag.
  • As people arrive, greet as many as possible with a handshake, a smile and welcoming words. If someone is new and asks for assistance (locating the nursery, restroom, coat rack, worship center, etc.), help them if you can, or direct them to an usher or other person who might be able to help.
  • Move around as you greet or stand at the front door to assist people. You may open the door as people enter and greet them there.
  • One person should stand in the breezeway between doors to assist those who are being dropped off.

Ushersdrawing of usher with badge

Ushers see that the worship center is comfortable and welcoming for all who attend worship and provide help to anyone in need during the service.

  • Arrive twenty minutes before the start of worship
  • Wear an usher’s badge (found on or in the “Welcome Center” stand) and a name tag.
  • Make sure the lights in the sanctuary are on.
  • Locate bulletins and the children’s cart with worship supplies, collection plates and attendance sheets. If they are not on/near the table in the rear of the sanctuary, check the acolyte closet, the workroom in the office, or the welcome center.
  • Hand out bulletins, large print bulletins, hymnals (as needed) and point out the nursery (as appropriate) as people approach the sanctuary.
  • Light the oil lighters for the acolytes to be lit when the prelude begins. If no acolytes are available, you will light the Christ Candle first and then the altar candles with an acolyte lighter from the closet. At the end of service, you will take the light from the Christ Candle and extinguish it and then extinguish the altar candles and walk to the back of the sanctuary with the light from the Christ Candle. Extinguish that light and return the lighter to the closet.
  • Direct latecomers to seats. Feel free to ask those already seated to slide over, if possible.
  • You should sit in the area behind the pews so you are able to see folks who come in late.
  • During the children’s sermon, record the number of people in the sanctuary, nursery, and at children’s Sunday School on the attendance sheet on the clipboard in the acolyte closet.
  • Assist children who leave worship to go to their activities following the children’s sermon.
  • Collect the offering when called for during the service, starting at the front and working toward the back. Face the congregation as you come back and try to move with the other two ushers. Don’t forget worshippers seated in Fireside if open.
  • When the doxology is played, start down the aisle and present the offering to the acolytes.
  • The acolytes will place the offering on the altar. If there are no acolytes, you do this.
  • Be available to assist any persons who have needs during worship. Know how to obtain an outside phone line and where the nearest phone is located. The AED is located on the wall at the back of the sanctuary. Know where the closest first aid box is located.
  • First Aid boxes are located in SE kitchen corner near the hand washing sink and in the cupboard opposite the associate pastor’s office in the main office hallway.
  • After the service, straighten the pews. The Bibles are placed in the center of the racks. The hymnals are placed in front of the Faith We Sing Make space for the green Worship & Song books. Remove any leftover bulletins or garbage.  Recycle as appropriate.

Open bible on standLectors

Lectors read the scripture and may lead the congregation in the responsive reading.

  • Wear your name tag.
  • You will be informed (e-mail or phone call) of the scripture during the week prior to your turn to be a lector. Review your assigned readings for any words that are unfamiliar. The Bible on the lectern will be open to the correct page. Feel free to contact one of the pastors for the correct pronunciation of words or clarification of the text.

Communion Server

Communion Servers assist the pastor(s) in serving Holy Communion to the congregation.

  • Come to the front of the sanctuary when invited by a pastor and after the congregation has been seated following The Great Thanksgiving and the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Stand facing the altar to receive Communion.
  • After receiving Communion, the pastor will let you know who will hold the bread or the cup and then direct you to a station (i.e., place to stand). The person with the bread should be first as people come forward for Communion. Leave a comfortable space between the servers of the bread and the cup. If you have the bread, say, “The body of Christ, broken/given for you” as you break off a small piece of the loaf and hand it to the person. If you have the cup, say, “The blood of Christ, shed for you” as you offer the cup for each person to dip their bread in. Offer the napkin as needed.
  • Serve children, if so indicated by the parents. When serving small children, say, “Jesus loves you” as you offer the bread and/or cup.
  • If someone eats the bread without dipping it in the cup or if someone drops the bread on the floor before dipping, give them another piece. Tear off small pieces of bread that are large enough to handle, but not too large to eat comfortably.
  • Serve any who have remained in their pews.
  • When all have been served, return to the altar. The pastor will take the elements from you and return them to the altar. You may then be seated.
  • Currently we offer gluten-wheat-yeast-dairy-egg-soy-nut and corn free communion wafers and a separate cup as needed!