Giving to Lovely Lane

Giving to Lovely Lane

There are several ways you can contribute to Lovely Lane. Consider one of these options that go beyond the offering plate.

Credit / Debit Card

Lovely Lane now accepts contributions by credit and debit cards.  Contributions may be one-time, or periodic (monthly or weekly) and they can be used for the church’s general budget, or any of the special offerings (such as disaster relief, Habitat for Humanity, etc.).  Click on the link to a secure web page to enter the amount of your gift and the credit card information.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Transfer of funds from your checking account can also be used to make one-time or periodic contributions.  Click the link below to setup the transfers, or contact the church’s financial secretary, and she can setup the transfers for you.

“Bill Payer” Contributions

Banks and savings institutions provide a service whereby they will send a monthly check to the church and deduct the amount from your account.  Several do this at no cost to the donor.

Gifts of Stock and Securities

Gifts of stock can provide tax savings. Contact your securities advisor and work with the church’s financial secretary, Marcie Stumpf, to ensure that the transaction protects your tax advantage.

Endowments and Estate Gifts

There are a variety of ways you can contribute to Lovely Lane Endowment funds. Contact the chair of the Endowment Committee, Cindy Sale, for information on endowment and estate gifts.