Who are we now? Who do we want to become?

While visiting family in Texas after Christmas, I’ve been working on my ordination paperwork in preparation for the January 8th deadline. There’s so much to submit for ordination: Bible studies to write, sermons to send in, lots of questions about theology, doctrine, and personal discipline. In taking a break to write this newsletter article, I’m reflecting upon all that has happened since I first said “yes” to God’s call into ministry back in 2015. And yes, it does take that long to be ordained! It’s a long-disciplined process.

The start of the new year is a great time to reflect upon the discipline of call and the ways in which God moves in our lives. So often we only think about the concept of “call” when thinking about those who are called to be pastors or ministers out working in the world. However, God can call each one of us, and God’s calling might look like serving in the church, but it might also be switching your job or beginning to be more aware of your Carbon footprint. I always appreciate that quote from Frederick Buechner, an ordained Presbyterian Priest. “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” I like this quote as we think about discernment and God’s call in each of our lives. We can identify where our deep gladness is and the world’s deep hunger. That’s often the places where God calls us, and it looks differently for each one of us.

Nourished, the missional campus of Lovely Lane, is exploring these topics of conversation at our January 13th Thursday Centering at 6pm at Groundswell Café. We’ll be answering these questions, “Who are we now? Who do we want to become?” Join us for this conversation as we start the new year, 2022!

Peace, Pastor Kristina