Growing up in Illinois, I became familiar with Daniel Hudson Burnham. Burnham was a prominent city planner and architect. He played a major role in the development of the city of Chicago back in the day. He crafted a powerful vision of what a major American city might look like. He developed plans for modern skyscrapers and helped to guide the Chicago’s World’s Fair in 1893. He was a pioneer in the area of urban planning. There is a quote that is often connected with Burnham. The quote is, “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir a person’s blood and probably themselves will not be  realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work . . .”

Now these words might not have the power they did over a hundred years, but they still have strength and merit. It’s good to dream big and have plans for the future that are large in scope. We need constant inspiration as we move forward. We should focus on the matters that mean the most and not settle for less.

Burnham’s words certainly connect with the church today. We should have big plans as we seek to “make disciples.” Jesus had big plans when he came to establish the Kingdom of Heaven. This was an upside kingdom in which those who don’t have much are lifted up and those who have a lot are humbled. The Apostle Paul aimed high when he started churches around the Mediterranean Sea. He would not have endured struggles and trials if he didn’t have a passion for the gospel. John Wesley knew what he was doing when he sent Thomas Coke and Francis Asbury to America in the late 1700’s to spread the Methodist movement.

As we look to the future at Lovely Lane, might we continue to imagine the possibilities in front us. God is moving us forward in exciting ways. It remains a joy to be on this journey with each of you!