My husband and I had a great visit to Los Angeles, California this past January. It was apart anniversary trip, remembering our honeymoon to California just two years prior, but it was also a trip to celebrate the new birth inside of me. We were thrilled to finally announce our pregnancy in church on January 23rd . If you were absent that Sunday, my husband and I are expecting our first child, who we are calling Baby Noodle until we learn the gender and choose the name. The baby is due on August 2nd , and we cannot wait to meet our little bundle of joy.

While we continue to celebrate this joy and look forward to celebrating with each one of you as we move forward, we remember where we’ve come from. It took us a while to get pregnant. For a large part of 2021, we were trying to have a baby. As the months went by, we grew weary, tired, lonely, and sad as we saw so many friends and family announce pregnancy or celebrate the birth of a new baby while we continued to wait. So, as we celebrate and announce the pregnancy, we hold close in our hearts and our prayers those couples who are struggling to get pregnant, who have lost a child, miscarried, and for those couples who tried to get pregnant, yearned for it deeply, and learned it was not possible. It’s a grief that so many experience and continue to live through.

We’re grateful for this gift of life and hold closely in prayers our friends who continue to wait, our friends who miscarried, and our friends who were never able to have children. May we all hold each other in community together, and may the God of all hope fill us all with joy and peace, regardless of whatever we are facing.