“I will instruct you and teach you about the direction you should go. I’ll advise you and keep my eye on you.” – Psalm 32:8 (CEB)

The summer months are a wonderful time to go deeper into the biblical word. I encourage each of you to read the Bible on a regular basis. This is an important part of our devotional life.

If you are interested in reading the Bible in a methodical manner, I recommend you read the Gospel of Mark first, then move to Matthew, Luke, and John. The rest of the New Testament can follow.  After reading the entire New Testament, you might move to the Old Testament. If you try to read the Old Testament first, it’s possible you will lose interest after the opening books. Mark’s Gospel is a good starting point. It only has 16 chapters. There is urgency in the writing. It’s a nice place to begin.

If you prefer to read Bible passages a bit randomly, I encourage you to gain an understanding of the context. You might read a particular passage in at least a couple of translations (such as the CEB, NIV, or The Message).

After this, read the chapter before and the chapter after the passage. This gives some insights into the context. It’s critical to know the particular setting and situation. Harm is done when the proper context is not understood.

As you read any passage in the Bible, methodically or randomly, you might ask yourself a few questions, such as “What?” “So What?” and “Now What?” It’s important to ponder what happened all those years ago. Beyond this, ask yourself what this passage means for you today in our current world. Finally, ponder what you can do to put your understanding of the Bible into action. A deeper biblical faith should lead to actions that make a difference in the lives of others.

It is a joy to read the Bible. Might this discipline become a regular part of your life and journey! Happy reading!

Peace to you, Scott