As I work on this newsletter article for July, we are just five weeks away from the due date of our sweet baby girl. Some of you have asked if we’re ready, and my answer is always mostly, “No!” There is still artwork to be hung on the walls in the nursery, lamps to purchase, bottles to wash, and those last spaces that need some nesting love. Our attention will likely turn this month to reading up
on caring for a newborn and what to expect. In so many ways we are ready, but in other ways, we are not. Are we ever ready for something new and challenging, something we’ve never done before?

I remember my first year of teaching. I had this four-year degree in elementary education, spent the summer getting my classroom ready, lesson plans put together, things cut and laminated, names
written throughout the room, but I never felt ready. It wasn’t until the first day of school when the 8:30am bell rang for the first time did I finally take a deep breath. I was as ready as I’ll ever be. In
so many ways we cannot ever fully prepare for the unknown. Only God knows what’s behind the corner and how each day unfolds. Sure, there are things that we must do to prepare as it takes action
on our part, but I think one of the sure ways that we might get ready for something new, challenging, and exciting is to lay it before God and put our trust and faith in God. Sure, there are still things to do to get ready for Audrey’s arrival, but in all honesty, everything we’d
need for the first few weeks, we already have.

If you’re facing a new challenge or a new experience ahead, there are likely ways in which you are preparing. When you reach the moment you’ve been working towards, you’ll have prepared as much as you can, and God will take care of the rest.

Peace, Pastor Kristina Peace