The 3rd Monday of January is “Blue Monday” – the most depressing day of the year. Post holiday blues include fatigue, loneliness, financial stress, anxiety, and low mood. Try this recipe to make this New Year of 2022 a positive one from the start.

You need:
1 Bottle of Exercise—Get into the sunshine and get active exercise, including exercising the funny bone.
5-6 Doses of Positivity throughout the day—Read your Bible and read for pleasure. Try something new, be selfless, and focus on your strengths.
1 Cup of Connecting Time—Connect with people. Keep track of gratitudes and achievements.
3 Plates of Healthy Meals—Eat properly!
1 Dose of Sleepiness—Sleep fosters mental health and promotes resilience.

Enter this new year of 2022 ready to make changes. Try to get motivated to kick start the Best Year to come!

References: 1) The Wellness Recipe by Archana Raghaven; 2) Merry & Bright by Diane Bohn
Health & Wholeness Committee