What things in your life need to be in place in order to experience nourishment? This was the question that Pastor Scott, Clint, Bill Poland (Director of New Faith Communities in the Iowa Conference), and I asked ourselves when we met for a retreat the end of March. We asked ourselves this question as we continued to brainstorm the vision and values for the new community of faith, called Nourished, that we’re creating here in CR.

I have been serving as your Associate Pastor half time as the other half of my time is going into building a new community of faith in collaboration and support between Lovely Lane and Matthew 25. Following a missional approach, these last several months I have spent time in conversation with city leaders, neighbors, and people who are looking for a new community of faith. I have been particularly listening to people who have left the church for various reasons. It could be that they have never felt they belonged anywhere and are looking for a place to be themselves, free from any expectations. They might even be looking for something more progressive or a place that just does church in different ways.

As we continue to think about the Nourished community, we strive to be a holistic healthy community that grows in Spirit and serves in love and justice. For me the name “Nourished” came out of my own experience of an eating disorder and finding healing around the sacrament of Holy Community. Through spiritual nourishment in the gifts of bread and cup, I began to find “nourishment” in a simple meal, nourished holistically- body, mind, and spirit.

I look forward to seeing where the Nourished Community goes and continuing to have more conversations with you all as we continue to move forward. I’d love to share a cup of coffee with you to share more, virtual or in person. If you know of anyone who would be a good fit for Nourished or even serving on a visionary team to continue to dream with us, send me an email at Kristina@lovelylane.org.

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Peace, Pastor Kristina