The past few weeks in Cedar Rapids, Marion, and surrounding areas have been emotional and exhausting. We have come together to assist one another following the damaging storms that came through our communities.

Through it all, the best in people has come out. Folks have helped out one another. Sacrifices have been made. Appreciation has been given for the tireless efforts that have been put out. We will get through this.

The events follow a pattern we see all the time. As Father Richard Rohr shared in my recent morning devotions, the pattern is “Order, Disorder, Reorder.” To say it another way, it is “Construction, Deconstruction, Reconstruction” or “Good News, Bad News, Good News.” We are currently in a period of disorder or deconstruction. From previous experiences, we know that good news is around the corner. With help from God and others, and an extra amount of determination, we will come out on the other side stronger and better. This gives us hope.

The ongoing Gospel message is that new beginnings are right around the corner. No matter the circumstances, we have the promise of new life and fresh starts. “Go, take your place in the temple, and tell the people everything about this new life.” (Acts 5:20, CEB)

Peace & Blessings, Scott Peace & Blessings, Scott