Have you ever wondered whether Lovely Lane and Asbury, our partner church, should be in the Preschool and Child Care ministry? Following is why; and remember, we do it at top quality in a loving faith-based environment.

Need for Childcare in Iowa
Data reported at Iowa Woman’s Foundation Meeting
12-7-2022 @ McAuley Center

  • 75% of households in Iowa with children 0-12 have both parents working outside the home. National average is 65%.78% of households in Linn County with children under 6 have both parents working outside the home.
  • There are 3 children in need for every childcare slot in Iowa.
  • Linn County has about 21,000 children with access to needed child care.
  • Federal government says a family should not spend more than 7% of income on childcare. In Iowa, families are spending 12% to a whopping 40% of income on childcare.
  • Wages average $10.73 an hour. Childcare is the 3rd lowest paid profession in Iowa – right behind lifeguards and locker room attendants. Nearly all childcare workers receive NO BENEFITS.


Before Covid:

  • Iowa economy lost $935,000,000 because of childcare.
  • Iowa lost tax revenue of $153,000,000.


Wages, benefits, and working conditions are THE problem with child care adequacy; and still, parents pay up to 40% or income for the service. Total citizen support is the only answer. We need: free space; total transportation support for families and providers; staff stabilization support; and better child care subsidies available to all.