Barbie or Oppenheimer?  Oppenheimer or Barbie?  Wasn’t that the big conversation recently?  Two very different movies came out the same weekend.  This conversation about which movie to see was a welcome diversion from the “heavier news” we read about.  We have so much going on in our world today.

Scan the news headlines and a word that seems to be everywhere is “disruption.”  In particular we find the word connected with innovation.  A disruptive innovation creates a brand new format or method and replaces an existing format or method.

Many would love to be known as “disruptors,” people who are game changers.  Successful disruptors have power and clout.  They are folks who are able to turn things upside down.

We live in a time of explosive change.  Some actions and events are like giant steps into an unknown future.  We often admire the change agents.  We want to be like them.  I have a lot of respect for disruptors.  They make a difference . . . even in the church world.  Without some disruption, progress usually doesn’t occur.

But there’s another way of seeing life and accomplishments.  Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, once said, “There is no harm in repeating a good thing.”  The exact context is uncertain about this wisdom, but it appears to be something quieter and softer than disruption, yet maybe just as important.  Doing the same thing, over and over again, is sometimes the preferable option.

Learning wisdom, becoming wise, involves the practice of repeating good movements, very likely old movements.  Qualities come to mind like patience and kindness.

So maybe what we really need is discernment.  There is a time to disrupt and there is a time to keep things the same.  This month we will discuss some next steps we can take as a church.  Our sermon series is entitled, “Great Ideas.”  It’s possible we will lift up some big actions we can take or a series of smaller actions that keep us grounded.  I look forward to the conversation!

Blessings to you, Scott