(approved by Ad Council and shared during Lovely Lane’s 10/18/20 Charge Conference)

1) Remain a church focused on mission and outreach to others. We are in the midst of a pandemic and a building project. We don’t want to lose focus on the need to lift up those around us. Emphasis needs to be placed on special offerings and outreach efforts. We plan at least three distinct outreach activities.

2) Address important social issues that need attention. The church needs to create settings in which matters like racism, white supremacy, LGBTQ acceptance, and the welcoming of refugees and immigrants can be talked about and learning and action can take place. Settings will include a preaching series and study groups with a call to action.

3) Continue to expand our W+2 Discipleship Pathway for all church members. We need to strive to reach out and expand our membership. Extra efforts should be placed on reaching youth, millennials, and young adults.

4) Continue to navigate the best path forward for our church through the continuing changes in the General Conference of The United Methodist Church.

5) Support our Congolese worshipping community on Sunday morning.