“‘Come, follow me,’ he said, ‘and I’ll show you how to fish for people.'” – Matthew 4:19 (CEB)

The summer months are almost here!  This wonderful time invites us to enjoy the great outdoors and visit places we have never been.  As some of us prepare for a vacation, we ponder whether we will “tour” or “travel.”

Kathryn Walsh, a writer for the USA Today, says that tourists stay in comfort zones and focus on the attractions.  They expect others to do the heavy lifting.  Travelers, on the other hand, immerse themselves in the local culture and do activities others don’t do.  They don’t go to places everyone else visits.

A quote from G.K. Chesterton brings perspective.  He writes, “The tourist sees what he or she has come to see.  The traveler sees what he or she sees.”  The tourist embraces the path laid out.  The traveler is open to adventure.

When it comes to our Christian faith, some of us tour and some of us travel.  Tourists come to worship and hope to be amused.  Travelers polish up their strengths and use them for the good of the church.  They don’t wait for things to happen.  Travelers don’t just go to church, they work with others to “be” the church.  Travelers worship, but they also work to deepen their spiritual life and serve others.  They embrace a Worship + 2 life.

Now there are valid reasons why some of us approach faith life in the manner we do.  Depending on our season in life and family situation, we may not be in a position to do as much as we wish.  This is understandable.  As much as possible though, it is important to embrace a traveler mindset when it comes to our walk with the Lord.  Life is short.  We want each day to count.

I hope and pray we see the merit of being a traveler.  Might we open ourselves to the wonders of each new day!

Peace to you, Scott