In just a few short weeks, several of us from Lovely Lane are piling into large ten-passenger vans to travel down to the U.S.-Mexico border where we’ll spend time learning, listening, and seeing the experience at the border. We leave on July 8th early in the morning and return on July 16th. We have three high school students and five adults going on this trip. This will be a challenging experience for many, and they will encounter things they have never seen before. We will spend some time in Dallas, TX, worshipping with a diverse Latino faith community and spend time in conversation with ethics professor Dr. Hugo Magallanes, a favorite seminary professor of mine. Then we will travel down to Brownsville, TX, a border town where we’ll experience a court hearing on immigration, see what is happening at the border, and go to organizations that are working with those seeking asylum and refugees. Of course, we’ll go to the beach down in Texas, but truly, we are going to grow. We’re going to be challenged, so will you pray for us? Will you pray for the eight of us going on this trip? Will you pray that we are open to the Spirit? Will you pray for our safety? Will you pray that we encounter ourselves in the lives of others that we will meet? And will you pray for us, that we encounter Christ in the eyes of the stranger, in the eyes of the refugee? Praise be to God for your financial support, your prayers, and listening to the voices of these youth who want to experience this. Thank you!