Have you ever been in a hurry to get somewhere, and then suddenly you hear those dreaded sounds, sirens behind you as you were driving a tad bit too fast in your haste? Maybe you’ve looked all over your house, but you just can’t find your car keys, or you left your phone in a hidden place, on silent and can’t find it anywhere? I’ve certainly done these things, and it never feels good! As I’m writing this month’s newsletter article, I’m sitting at the Toyota Dealership, waiting for Ryan’s car to get checked out in anticipation of the diagnosis and cost of repair, something we certainly didn’t anticipate this week.

These unexpected frustrations can really test our patience and certainly throw off our daily routine. I’ve found that when I’m sitting at a red light, a light that turns red when I’m in a hurry, what helps is turning to God in prayer. I come back to breath prayer. Breath prayer is an ancient form of prayer that is easily adaptable for whatever works for you for your situation. Simply choose one or two lines to meditate on and inhale and exhale thru them.

An example might be:
Inhale: Be Still Exhale: and know you are God.
Inhale: I find rest Exhale: in Your shelter.

Next time you’re feeling frustrated and anxious, try out breath prayer and see how God restores your soul.

Peace, Pastor Kristina