God speaks to us in mysterious ways. It might be a whisper, a sign, the song playing at just the right moment, a message from a stranger, or sometimes God can speak to us in what I call ‘God Winks.’ Squire Rushnell calls God winks reassurances from God. For me, God winks come in simple objects, something that I find repeatedly.

When I was just beginning exploring a call into ministry, I began to find pennies everywhere. In most cases, it felt like pennies were placed right in front of me at the exact right moment. After finding pennies for so long, I began to find all different kinds of loose change. Everywhere I went, I seemed to find some coins, even on international trips. For me, pennies and other coins are God winks for me. It provides assurance that God is with me, and God is consistently with me on my journey. Perhaps you have your own ‘God wink,’ a unique way that God speaks to you.

However, God winks require an action on our part. If we’re in a hurry or find ourselves in a strained relationship with God, we might miss these unexpected God winks. May we slow down to notice the things around us, the unexpected wonderings, and mysteries of God.

Just a few days ago, I took our dog Macrina for a walk to Indian Creek Nature Center. It had been a long day, and I had another meeting later that night. Hiking through the forest, I noticed a tiny little snail and goodness do they go slow! That was the reminder I needed to take some deep breaths and soak in my surroundings, letting myself be nourished in the creation all around. May you find some rest in your summer—whether it’s busy, full of vacations and work, or if it’s relaxing and stress-free. May we all find opportunity to slow down and rest, allowing God’s mysterious winks to comfort and assure you. Kristina