It seems like just yesterday that I wrote in the newsletter for August about the windstorm back in July when a tree limb fell down! Well, here we are again, with much bigger tree limbs and a much bigger windstorm! I know for many of us, we experienced great damage to our homes, garages,vehicles, yards, and our beloved trees. For many, we were without power for several weeks and without Internet, well after getting electricity back in our homes. In the midst of all of the damage of this natural disaster, I saw God at work.

God was working through neighbors that helped others get trees off their houses and clean up debris. God was working through local restaurants, stores, and organizations that provided free food for those affected by this storm. God was working through roofers and contractors who have helped repair homes. God was working through the electricians and energy companies who restored power safely and quickly, some coming from all over the country.

At St. Sallie’s House, God was working through neighbors, friends, and family who helped get our tree off the roof, clear the driveway of a tree trunk, and wash our clothes, provide us with hot meals, and even a place to sleep when it got hot. We would not have been able to do everything without help. Around Cedar Rapids, I saw folks with chainsaws, walking the neighborhood to help others. Even when all seemed impossible, God was at work. God is always making a way out of no way.

Last month, I invited you to get to know the names of the four closest neighbors to you. I’m sure that many of you had the opportunity to meet your neighbors after the storm. This month, I invite you to write a thank you note to a neighbor. It can be really simple. Perhaps you might write a thank you note to a neighbor who has helped you clean up from the storm. Maybe you write a thank you note thanking your neighbor for their beautiful flowers or for always having a smile on their face. You might write a thank you note and invite them to your backyard for a socially distanced dessert. I look forward to hearing about all the connections and relationships you are continuing to make with your neighbors!

Blessings, Pastor Kristina