A few weekends ago in that big windstorm, we had a large tree limb come down, thankfully not on our cars! Ryan and I do not have any materials to clean up a large tree limb and did not know where to begin in terms of getting it cleaned up. After coming home from the church one Sunday morning, I found that our neighbor had already come over with his chainsaw and chopped the tree limb up, coming back later in the afternoon to help Ryan clean up the rest. This is what it means to be a good neighbor!

We’ve been enjoying meeting our neighbors around our house. Some have brought us fresh chicken eggs, some have invited us to kayak, and one woman has promised us her bicycle in her front yard. She reminds us frequently, “Y’all come over anytime to get that bicycle!”

I’ve led a church community through a training program called, “The Good Neighbor Experiment.” This training tool is for churches to learn how to neighbor in their community, doing asset-based community development. For the next several newsletter’s, I will be highlighting things I’m learning about my neighbors, as well as a neighboring tip for you to begin to get to know your neighbors.

The first neighboring tip is really simple. This month get to know the names of the four closest neighbors to you and be sure to write them down. You might even learn something about who they are, so be sure to write that down as well. When you see them again, use their name, and ask them about something that you learned! I look forward to hearing about all the connections and relationships you’ll make with your neighbors!

Blessings, Pastor Kristina