NOURISHED: Thursday Centering

Sabbath as Resistance: The Systemic Injustice of No Rest in a Max Out Culture

Thursday Centering, March 10th, 6 PM, at Groundswell Café (201 Third Ave SW)

Our society’s culture is one that pushes us to be successful, to climb the ladder to the top, and makes us believe that we are never good enough. Our work is never complete, there’s always more we can be doing, and if we take any vacation or time for rest, then we’re seen as lazy and incompetent. This is a huge problem to our mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health. We’re overworked to the point of breakdown.
For this Lenten season, we are resisting the ways of society through Sabbath. For our first conversation in this series, we will be talking about the systemic injustice of no rest in a max out culture. Come join us and share your voice. We go out for dinner, appetizers, and drinks afterwards. Join us for further conversation.

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}  March 10, 2022
  Thursday, 06:00 pm to 07:00 pm
n  Lent, Nourished

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