NOURISHED: Centering – Saying Yes And: A Series on Improv and Play

During Centering, we typically cover really serious and deep topics. We realized that it might be helpful for us to take some time to do something more fun and playful, because we believe that part of our work is to create spaces of joy in our world. During this series we are exploring play, how we can enjoy life, and how we can harness a culture of Improv. Are you ready to say, “Yes and?”
During this first part of our series, we’ll play some improv games together, reflecting on the importance of play in our lives and how improv can be related to our spirituality.
Centering meets at the home of a community member. For the address and more information, email our Spiritual Cultivator Kristina Roth-Klinck at

Event Information

}  August 14, 2023
  Monday, 07:00 pm to 08:30 pm
n  Nourished

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