Earnings from Lovely Lane’s endowment fund are used for specific purposes while the principal remains intact in perpetuity. This allows for our donors gifts to have impact over a long period of time.

Lovely Lane currently has three designated endowments:

  1. Music Fund: This was established in honor of Leah Nelson, the church’s choir director for many years.  The choir director uses from this endowment fund for special musical events for the church. 
  2. Preschool Fund: This endowment is primarily used by our preschool director to fund scholarships for the needy children in our mission preschool at Trinity Lane.  This fund receives the most support from our congregation and could always use more. 
  3. Mission Fund: This fund provides high school youth opportunities for mission work within and outside the country. 


Contributions to Lovely Lane’s Endowment Fund can be made by various methods.

  1. Gifts in the form of cash or checks made payable to the church
  2. Stock and bonds
  3. Real property
  4. Gifts through Wills (bequests)
  5. Life insurance policies that have already been purchased


Contact the chair of the Endowment Committee, Cindy Sale, for information on endowment and estate gifts.