As a child I failed to see
The woman right in front of me
Gave all she could…her heart and soul,
To teach me how to reach my goals.
And as I grew, my vision blurred,
Her words of wisdom were not heard.
I knew it all, she’d hear me say,
I couldn’t wait to move away.
Adulthood came, I made mistakes.
She’d pick me up and soothe my aches,
And when at times, I felt alone,
I’d find myself back at her home.
Now as a parent, frequently…,
I repeat words she said to me,
I sound like her, we look the same,
I’ve come full circle in life’s game.
Yes, through the years, her wisdom stayed,
Within my heart it did not fade.
It just grew strong, and in the end,
My mom became my own best friend.

Cheryl Kremer
Chicken Soup for the Soul
Celebrating Mothers & Daughters
from Health & Wholeness