Children’s Books by Subject

  Title Author’s Last Name Author’s First Name Call Number Line1 Call Number Line2 Call Number Line3 Summary
Children’s Reference
Encyclopedia of Questions and Answers: Earth and Space Science 030 REF
Encyclopedia of Questions and Answers: Animals and Plant, Human Body 030 REF
Encyclopedia of Questions and Answers: Peoples and Countries, History 030 REF
Children’s NonFiction
Clarke’s commentary Clarke Adam 220.1 ADA Vol. II Volume I: The Old Testament: Genesis to Esther; Volume II: The Old Testament: Job to Malachi; Volume III: Matthew to Revelation
The HarperCollins Bible dictionary Achtemeier Paul J., Ed. 220.3 ACH More than 3700 lively, informative, and easy-to-use entries.
Halley’s Bible handbook: An abbreviated Bible commentary Halley Henry H. 220.6 HAL
Clarke’s commentary Clarke Adam 220.7 ADA Vol. I
Clarke’s commentary Clarke Adam 220.7 CLA Vol. III Volume I: The Old Testament: Genesis to Esther; Volume II: The Old Testament: Job to Malachi; Volume III: Matthew to Revelation
The interpreter’s one-volume commentary on the Bible: Introduction and commentary for each book of the Bible including the Apocrypha with general articles Laymon Charles M., Ed. 220.7 LAY
Standard Bible story readers: Book one Faris Lillie A. (Lillie Anne), 1868-1945. 220.9 FAR
The New Testament in four versions: King James, Revised Standard, Phillips Modern English, and New English Bible 225.5 NEW
The illustrated gospels according to St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke & St. John 226 ILL
If I could ask God anything : awesome Bible answers for curious kids Slattery Kathryn. 230 SLA
Praise and worship: A devotional for little ones Abraham Angela 242.62 ABR
God was here & I was out to lunch Moore James W. (James Wendell), 1938- 248.4 Moo
Big thoughts for little people : abc’s to help you grow Taylor Kenneth Nathaniel. 248.82 TAY
One world, many religions : the ways we worship Osborne Mary Pope. 291 OSB An illustrated introduction to comparative religion, discussing Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism.
The dog who walked with God Rosen Michael J., 1954- 398.2 ROS A Kato creation story in which our familiar world emerges from an empty, dark, and watery place so lonely that even the Creator needed a companion before setting foot there.
The gospel of the beloved disciple Carse James P. 813.54 Car
Visual Factfinder 910 Charts, diagrams, illustrations, maps, and text present facts and figures about the countries and peoples of today’s world.
It’s the truth, Christopher McKissack Patricia C. E 111.8 MCK Christopher is a young boy whose impulsive nature sometimes gets him into predicaments. His good intentions don’t help when he finds out he’s hurt the feelings of his best friend, Jennifer. Finally, he learns the full meaning of telling the truth.
Old Turtle and the broken truth Wood Douglas E 111.8 WOO Earth is full of suffering and war until one little girl seeks Old Turtle, who tells her about a “broken truth” and how mending it will help her community to understand the common bond of all humanity.
When good-bye is forever Rock Lois E 128.5 ROC
Love is a special way of feeling Anglund Joan Walsh E 152.4 ANG
Today I feel silly & other moods that make my day Curtis Jamie Lee E 152.4 CUR Silly, cranky, excited, or sad–everyone has moods that can change each day. Told in verse.
Joy Moncure Jane Belk E 152.4 MON Presents the positive emotion of joy as a way to respond to God’s great gifts to us.
Love you forever Munsch Robert E 152.4 MUN
So many kinds of love: Cherishing and sharing all the love in life Walley Dean E 152.4 WAL
Love can build a bridge Judd Naomi E 152.41 JUD Illustrations and the words to a popular song show how children from around the world join together to share the power of love.
Darkness Walter Mildred Pitts E 152.46 WAL A celebration of the many wonderful things that flourish in darkness. Calms fear of darkness.
The me I see Hazen Barbara Shook E 155.2 HAZ Rymed text and photographs enumerate the physical features that  make a person unique.
Jim Henson’s muppet stories Coen Patricia, Ed. E 177.6 COE Friends come in all shapes and sizes. They don’t have to look the same or act the same . . . or even be the same.
Kids’ random acts of kindness E 177.7 KID
The creation: The story of how God created the world Cassidy Sheila E 213 CAS An original retailing of the Creation story, with God represented as both male (farmer) and female (old lady knitting) but always as a loving and yet frustrated worker.
Great beginnings: The story of God’s creation Foreman Juli E 213 FOR
In the beginning Jeffs Stephanie E 213 JEF
In the beginning Jones Sally Lloyd E 213 LLO
When the world was new Sattgast L. J. E 213 SAT Front Blurb: Draws children into the familiar creation story through a fresh, “You are there” approach.
The very first story ever told Weil Lisl E 213 WEI Retells the stories of the creation of the world and fall of Adam and Eve
The first step Bible Thomas Mack E 220 THO
On Noah’s ark Brett Jan E 220.9 BRE
Parable of the leaven Caswell Helen E 220.9 CAS
Parable of the Good Samaritan Caswell Helen E 220.9 CAS Retells Jesus’ parable about the good Samaritan.
Parable of the lost sheep Caswell Helen E 220.9 CAS Retells Jesus’s parable comparing God to a shepherd who loves everyone of us and is happy when a wanderer comes back to him.
Daniel and his friends Caswell Helen E 220.9 CAS Retells two Bible stories: one in which Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego survive a fiery furnace and one in which Daniel is cast into a lion’s den.
Noah’s ark Cousins Lucy E 220.9 COU
The story of Jonah Davidson Alice Joyce E 220.9 DAV
Moses: Baby in the bulrushes Fries Tess (Adapted by) E 220.9 FRI
Does God have a big toe? : Stories about stories in the Bible Gellman Marc E 220.9 GEL A collection of humorous stories derived from Bible stories in the Old Testament.
Baby Moses Hayward Linda E 220.9 HAY A simple retelling of the Old Testament story in which the baby Moses is floated down the river and ends up in the Pharaoh’s household.
The walls came tumbling down Hill Dave E 220.9 HIL Joshua 1-6
Joseph the Dreamer Hunter Elrose E 220.9 HUN
A friend for Zacchaeus Hunter Elrose E 220.9 HUN
The good neighbor Hunter Elrose E 220.9 HUN
LIttle lamb, where did you go? Lingo Susan L. E 220.9 LIN This version of Jesus’s parable expressing God’s concern for those who stray from Him is presented in “fold-out” form with rhyming text.
Jesus, what’s for lunch? Lingo Susan L. E 220.9 LIN This account of the miraculous occasion when Jesus fed a huge crowd with five loaves of bread and two fishes features a seven-foot foldout and is told in rhyme.
David’s adventure with the giant Mills Peter E 220.9 MIL
My first book of Bible stories E 220.9 MYF Six stories: Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, Story of Joseph, Moses Frees the Israelites, David the Sheperd Boy King, Daniel in the Lions’ Den.
Pray & play Bible for young children. E 220.9 PRA Contains fourteen Bible stories, plus creative prayers, playtime activities, and songs to accompany each story.
Two by two Reid Barbara E 220.9 REI
Sammy’s incredible travels with Jesus & his friends: A New Testament adventure E 220.9 SAM
The all-time awesome Bible search Silverthorne Sandy E 220.9 SIL Search and find Bible story book: objects are designated in the text and then concealed in the illustrations.
God is with us: Beginning Bible stories Simon Mary Manz E 220.9 SIM Four stories: Birth of Moses, Fall of Jericho, David and Goliath, Jonah and the Fish
God made the world: Beginning Bible stories Simon Mary Manz E 220.9 SIM Three stories: Creation, Noah’s ark, The Tower of Babel
Two by two E 220.9 WIN A retelling of the Old Testament story about the survival of Noah, his family, and animals during forty days and nights of rain.
The early reader’s Bible Beers V. Gilbert (Victor Gilbert), 1928- E 220.95 BEE
The beginners Bible for toddlers E 220.95 BEG
The Baby Bible storybook Currie Robin, 1948- E 220.95 CUR
Children of God storybook Bible Tutu Desmond. E 220.95 TUT
Bible friends: Who says that? Lloyd-Jones Sally E 221 LLO Children will have fun finding the surprises hidden throughout this whimsical Lift-the-Flap book as they meet some Bible friends and learn about how God loves and cares for us.
Joseph’s coat of many colors Smith Kathryn E 222.11 SMI Retells the Bible story in which Joseph’s jealous brothers sell him into slavery in Egypt, where due to his ability to interpret dreams, he is made governor of the country.
On morning wings: Adapted from Psalm 139 Lindbergh Reeve E 223.2 LIN In this gentle adaptation of Psalm 139, the bright morning light greets four children as they step into a day of joyful activity: climbing a tree, swimming, and toasting marshmallows, creating a prayer of abiding love and hope. Full color.
To everything Barner Bob E 223.8 BAR Presents an illustrated version of the verse in Ecclesiastes which states that there is a time for everything, including a time to be born and a time to die.
God is like a mother hen and much, much more Bohler Carolyn Stahl E 231 BOH We name God with metaphors, but God is not exactly like any of these metaphors. God is much, much more than any one.
God’s world makes me feel so little Caswell Helen E 231 CAS The words and pictures can help children see that God knows all about them and loves them.
God is good E 231 GOD
God made me E 231 GOD You are amazing and God made every bit of you! Use your fingers, nose, hands, ears and eyes to discover a special person whom God loves.
God and me Heide Florence Parry E 231 HEI There are many things we cannot see but know they are there and so it is with God’s presence.
Who taught frogs to hop? : A child’s book about God Ingram Robert D. E 231 ING Playfully teaches children about God and the good things God has created.
Who taught frogs to hop? : A child’s book about God Ingram Robert D. E 231 ING Playfully teaches children about God and the good things God has created.
I wanted to know all about God Kroll Virginia L. E 231 KRO Invites children to experience God more fully in their daily lives. Relates, in simple yet elegant language, the kinds of questions children ask about God–and what they discover about Him.
God made me Mackall Dandi Daley E 231 MAC Only 30 different words and pictures show the diversity of God’s love.
God’s paintbrush Sasso Sandy Eisenberg E 231 SAS Discusses God’s place in the universe and how God touches our world.
Hello, stars! : A sleepytime tale of God’s loving presence Walsh Sheila E 231 WAL
I learn about Jesus England Beth E 232 ENG
Jesus Goddard Carrie Lou E 232 GOD Seven stories demonstrate the ways Jesus reflected His Father’s love for everyone.
My Jesus storybook Goddard Carrie Lou E 232 GOD Seven stories show the many wonderful ways Jesus reflects God’s love for everyone, through the life he lived and the stories he told.
Jesus loves me Mackall Dandi Daley E 232 MAC Only 42 different words are used in telling that Jesus loves her in all activities.
The story of Jesus Reeves Eira E 232 REE
When Jesus was a boy Scheck Joann E 232 SCH A Bible popOrama book
Jesus, the Word Bozzuti-Jones Mark Francisco E 232.2 BOZ
Where is Jesus? Pipe Rhona. E 232.901 PIP Scenes from the life of Jesus feature rhyming text and illustrations containing concealed items.
Jesus and the 12 dudes who did MacDonald Mindy. E 232.95 MAC
What is faith? Mueller Virginia E 234.2 MUE
Someday Heaven Libby Larry E 236.24 LIB Thoughtful, comforting answers to difficult questions children wonder about Heaven.
The peace book Parr Todd E 241 PAR Describes peace as making new friends, sharing a meal, feeling good about yourself, and more.
Somewhere today: A book of peace Thomas Shelley Moore E 241 THO Gives examples of ways in which people bring about peace by doing things to help and care for one another and their world.
The Ten Commandments Rock Lois E 241.52 ROC
A child’s book of prayers E 242 CHI A collection of short prayers and devotions, including both traditional or anonymous pieces and works by such authors as Christina Rossetti and Robert Browning.
Bless my little friends! Decker Marjorie Ainsborough E 242 DEC
Father, we thank you Emerson Ralph Waldo E 242 EME
Anytime prayers L’Engle Madeleine E 242 LEN Collection of prayers for children with black and white photographs. Topics include: bedtime, thanksgiving, grief, and forgiveness.
Do you see me, God? : Prayers for young children Murphy Elspeth Campbell E 242 MUR A collection of prayer-poems to God, with related Bible verses, under such titles as, “Watch me, God! Watch me!” and “Bad Mood.”
What can I say to you, God? : Verses from the Psalms on prayer Murphy Elspeth Campbell E 242 MUR
The Lord’s prayer: The prayer that Jesus taught two thousand years ago Rock Lois E 242 ROC After a short introduction, the Lord’s prayer is presented, along with an explanation of each phrase.
The Lord’s Prayer for children Rock Lois E 242 ROC This book helps young children discover what each phrase means and how to use the entire prayer as a starting place from which to create their own prayers. Full color.
Poems and prayers for the very young Alexander Martha, Ed. E 242.2 ALE Short prayers, many of which are religious in nature.
Can I pray with my eyes open? Brown Susan Taylor E 242.2 BRO In rhyming text, a child wonders how and when and where is the perfect way to say a prayer and realizes that there is no wrong time or place for prayer.
Prayers for little people Fletcher Sarah E 242.2 FLE
Little folded hands: Prayers for children Jahsmann Allan E 242.2 JAH
Am I praying? Taylor Jeannie E 242.2 TAY All day long, especially when he gets lost on a school field trip to the zoo, a young boy thinks about different ways to talk to God in prayer.
A prayer a day : 365 charming prayers to guide you through the year Doney Meryl E 242.62 DON
God loves his precious children George Jim E 242.62 GEO
Five-minute devotions for children : celebrating God’s world as a family Kennedy Pamela, 1946- E 242.62 KEN
Giving thanks: A Native American good morning message Swamp Chief Jake E 242.724 SWA The words are based on the Thanksgiving Address, an ancient message of peace and appreciation of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.
Prayers for children. E 248.62 PRA
I can make God glad! Erickson Mary E. E 248.82 ERI
God’s love is sharing Caswell Helen E 261 CAS
The first Christmas: La Primera Navidad Augustine Peg E 263.91 AUG Spanish and English texts are on facing pages.
The give-away: A Christmas story Buckley Ray E 263.91 BUC It is an important theological concept for the Lakota that the birth of Jesus took place in a stable, to signify not just a lowly birth but also in the presence of the Four-Leggeds and Those Who Fly.
A Christmas treasury Bucher Elaine M., Ed. E 263.91 BUC Songs, stories and poems about Christmas.
The Christmas story with exciting felt characters to act out the wonderful story E 263.91 CHR A felt play storybook. This book provides a unique interactive journey through the first Christmas that children can enjoy again and again. The collection of felt figures can be used to mix and match and illustrate the wonderful story as it unfolds.
Jesus, God’s gift of love Crocker Elizabeth E 263.91 CRO
When Jesus was born Dotts Maryann J. E 263.91 DOT
Wombat divine Fox Mem E 263.91 FOX Wombat auditions for the Nativity play, but has trouble finding the right part.
Why a donkey was chosen Gregorowski Christopher E 263.91 GRE All other beasts of burden were chosen to carry important people. Then, the donkey is chosen to carry Mary to Bethlehem, because he is not too proud.
Baby Jesus: Prince of peace Greene Carol E 263.91 GRE Luke 2:1-16
Sleepy Jesus Kidd Pennie E 263.91 KID The story of the birth of Jesus.
Piper’s night before Christmas Lowry Mark E 263.91 LOW On Christmas Eve Piper, the hyper mouse, discovers that it is better to give than to receive.
The crippled lamb Lucado Max E 263.91 LUC Because Joshua the lamb is crippled, he is left in a stable as shepherds and sheep head out on a journey. His sorrow transforms to joy, however, as he realizes that–because of his difference–he is witness to a great moment.
The crippled lamb Lucado Max E 263.91 LUC Because Joshua the lamb is crippled, he is left in a stable as shepherds and sheep head out on a journey. His sorrow transforms to joy, however, as he realizes that–because of his difference–he is witness to a great moment.
The Christmas story with Ruth J. Morehead’s Holly Babes Morehead Ruth J. E 263.91 MOR A simple retelling of the Christmas story according to the Gospels of St. Matthew and St. Luke, set up as a Christmas pageant with Ruth J. Morehead’s Holly Babes acting the parts.
Tree of cranes Say Allen E 263.91 SAY A young Japanese boy celebrates his first Christmas with a tree filled with origami cranes.
Tree of cranes Say Allen E 263.91 SAY A young Japanese boy celebrates his first Christmas with a tree filled with origami cranes.
Jesus is born Stickler LeeDell E 263.91 STI Based on Matthew 1:18 – 2:12 and Luke 1:26 – 38, 2:1 – 38. Through simple, familiar words and pictures, children meet the Baby through the eyes of shepherds, Simeon, Anna, and the Wise Men
B is for Bethlehem: A Christmas alphabet Wilner Isabel E 263.91 WIL Rhyming verses introduce the letters of the alphabet and the events surrounding the birth of Jesus.
Three Christmas journeys Willoughby Ro E 263.91 WIL
A child’s story of Easter Oursler Fulton E 263.93 OUR Begins on Palm Sunday and ends with the Ascension. The author reminds the reader the story is not finished yet.
One morning in Joseph’s garden: An Easter story Younger Barbara E 263.93 YOU One sentence per page tells about Easter morning in the garden, Mary finding the tomb empty and Jesus appearing. A list of the meanings of the natural symbols used in the story is given at the back of the book.
Water, come down! : The day you were baptized Wangerin Walter. E 265.1 WAN Sun, cloud, rain, wind, water, and the whole of creation join family and friends in celebrating the baptism of a child of God.
Special people at church linam Gail E 268 LIN
Benjamin Brody’s backyard bag Wezeman Phyllis Vos E 362.5 WEZ
Maybe days: A book for children in foster care Wilgocki Jennifer E 362.73 WIL Introduces the people and procedures involved  in foster care and the feelings, reactions, and concerns of new foster children.
Old Turtle Wood Douglas E 363.7 WOO Promotes a deeper understanding of the earth and our relationship with all the beings who inhabit it.
Faith the cow Hoover Susan Bame E 363.8 HOO
Listen to the wind : The story of Dr. Greg and three cups of tea Mortenson Greg. E 371 MOR
Disney’s Winnie the Pooh’s A to Zzzz Ferguson Don E 411 FER In verse, this book goes through the alphabet with Winnie the Pooh characters.
My first look at time Yorke Jane, Ed. E 529.7 YOR Introduces the concept of time through photographs of breakfast time, time to go shopping, bathtime, bedtime, and other times.
A color of his own Lionni Leo E 535.6 LIO A little chameleon is distressed that he doesn’t have his own color like other animals.
Hope for the flowers Paulus Trina E 595.789 PAU
Puppies need someone to love Hinds P. Mignon E 636.7 HIN How to take care of puppies and love them.
I sing a song of the saints of God Scott Lesbia E 782.27 SCO A page of music is included for this hymn praising the saints who have gone before us and those we meet in our daily lives. Also includes brief biographies of six saints.
Good books, good times! Hopkins Lee Bennett E 808.81 HOP
The Christian Mother Goose book of nursery rhymes Decker Marjorie Ainsborough. E 811.54 DEC A collection of traditional nursery rhymes rewritten to emphasize Christian principles.
Hurt no living thing Pinderhughes John E 811.54 PIN Love, wonder, and play are the very essence of childhood. Classic, beloved poems, brightly illustrated with contemporary scenes in full-color photography, capture that essence for today’s children in both word and image.
Waltzing matilda Paterson A. B. E 820.2 PAT The terms of the poem are explained in the glossary.
Children’s Fiction
Mr. Willowby’s Christmas tree Barry Robert E. E BAR When Mr. Willowby’s Christmas tree is so tall that he has to cut the top off, he unwittingly provides trees for various people and animals.
Good night, God Bea Holly, 1956- E BEA A child says good night to the house, moon, mouse, teddy bear, Mommy and Daddy, and God.
God gave us love Bergren Lisa Tawn. E BER Grampa Bear tells Little Cub all about God’s love and why she should be patient, gentle, kind, and loving to family members and others, even when she does not like them very much.
How big is God? Bergren Lisa Tawn. E BER With help from his mother, a little boy tries to understand the immensity of God.
Goodnight moon Brown Margaret Wise, 1910-1952. E BRO A little bunny bids goodnight to all the objects in his room before falling asleep.
Christmas in the barn Brown Margaret Wise, 1910-1952. E BRO Lyrical text relates the birth of a child in a barn among the animals, with illustrations which depict the barn and people of a present-day farm.
A bug collection : four stories from the garden. E BUG A collection of stories in which Hermie, Flo, Webster, and Buzby learn valuable lessons from God, including that they are special and brave.
Our Father Bus Sabrina. E BUS
A star so bright : a Christmas tale Butler M. Christina. E BUT Animals of all kinds are filled with wonder when a very special star shines one night and lights up the stable where a baby has been born.
Love your neighbor Carlson Melody. E CAR A boy imagines all sorts of creatures he’d rather be friends with than the “pain” next door, but his grandmother tells him about the Golden Rule and he decides it’s worth a try.
What does the sky say? Carlstrom Nancy White. E CAR
The name jar Choi Yangsook. E CHO After Unhei moves from Korea to the United States, her new classmates help her decide what her name should be.
The golden rule Cooper Ilene. E COO Grandpa explains that the golden rule is a simple statement on how to live that can be practiced by people of all ages and faiths, then helps his grandson figure out how to apply the rule to his own life.
This is the stable Cotten Cynthia. E COT Recalls, in rhyming text and illustrations, the Nativity story, from the brown and dusty stable to the star shining brightly above.
Noah’s ark Cousins Lucy. E COU A simple retelling of the Bible story in which Noah builds an ark and saves two of each kind of animal from the great Flood.
The Christmas tree ship Crane Carol, 1933- E CRA
The crayon box that talked DeRolf Shane. E DER Although they are many different colors, the crayons in a box discover that when they get together they can appreciate each other and make a complete picture.
This little prayer of mine DeStefano Anthony. E DES
Little Star DeStefano Anthony. E DES In this story that explains why a star is placed on the top of a Christmas tree, a little star ignored by the other stars for being so small shines down on a stable, warming and lighting it for baby Jesus.
All things bright and beautiful Alexander Cecil Frances E FIC ALE
God believes in you Bea Holly, 1956- E FIC BEA When Holly’s bull mastiff, Buddy, is afraid, embarrassed, or worried, he feels better when he remembers God is watching over him.
God gave us you Bergren Lisa Tawn E FIC BER Mama polar bear tells Little Cub that her birth was a gift from God.
You are special Berry Michael E FIC BER God made you special.
Pinky promise: A book about telling the truth Braver Vanita E FIC BRA When five-year-old Madison drops her mother’s expensive camera on the floor, she is afraid to tell the truth about what happened, but she soon discovers that lying only makes her feel worse.
The Wednesday surprise Bunting Eve E FIC BUN On Wednesday nights when Grandma stays with Anna everyone thinks she is teaching Anna to read.
The fall of Freddie the leaf: A story of life for all ages Buscaglia Leo F. E FIC BUS As Freddie experiences the changing seasons along with his companion leaves, he learns about the delicate balance between life and death.
How about a hug? Carlson Nancy E FIC CAR Questions and answers show the reader that different kinds of hugs cn be the answer for many situations.
Does God know how to tie shoes? Carlstrom Nancy White E FIC CAR As a young girl walks with her parents through the countryside, her questions elicit responses that help her to know God better.
Before you were born Carlstrom Nancy White. E FIC CAR A poetic recounting of how the birth of a child changes the lives of the parents.
Tiny triumphs: Double ugh de Graaf Anne E FIC DEG How and why NOT to use swear words. Use “Ow” or “Double ugh.”
Tiny triumphs: Boss of the table manners de Graaf Anne E FIC DEG A way to promote good table manners.
Tiny triumphs: The new ears de Graaf Anne E FIC DEG Julia and Daniel learn to listen better.
Tiny triumphs: The wolf who wasn’t de Graaf Anne E FIC DEG Afraid a wolf is under her bed, Julia overcomes her fear of the dark.
Tiny triumphs: Please wonderful Mommy de Graaf Anne E FIC DEG Julia and Daniel learn to say, “Please and thankyou.”
Tiny triumphs: Does God see the wind? de Graaf Anne E FIC DEG Learning God is real.
Thank you, God, for everything Gold August E FIC GOL As Daisy watches her parents thanking God everyday, she begins to look at everything around her and realizes she is also thankful for many things.
First pink light Greenfield Eloise E FIC GRE A little Black boy determines to stay up all night so he can welcome his father home in the morning.
Heartprints Hallinan P. K. E FIC HAL Illustration and rhyming text show how we can brighten the world with acts of kindnes and caring
Love is . . . Halperin Wendy Anderson E FIC HAL
I’m glad I’m your grandma Horlacher Bill E FIC HOR
Grandmother’s nursery rhymes: Lullabies, tongue twisters, and riddles from South America = Las Nanas de abuelita: canciones de cuna, trabalenguas y adivinanzas de Suramâerica Jaramillo Nelly Palacio, Comp. E FIC JAR A collection of traditional South American nursery rhymes in both Spanish and English.
Is there a horse in your house? Kessler Ethel E FIC KES Goes through items in the house, including a horse!
Welcoming babies Knight Margy Burns E FIC KNI With a simple message, this book shows how people around the world lovingly care for, cherish, and welcome babies into their families.
Piper steals the show! Lowry Mark E FIC LOW
Piper’s twisted tale Lowry Mark E FIC LOW
Just in case you ever wonder Lucado Max E FIC LUC A parent tells a child how special she is, both to the parent and to God.
Just in case you ever wonder Lucado Max E FIC LUC A parent tells a child how special she is, both to the parent and to God.
Just in case you ever wonder Lucado Max E FIC LUC A parent tells a child how special she is, both to the parent and to God.
The boy and the ocean Lucado Max. E FIC LUC “A boy learns about God’s great, never-ending love from looking at the ocean, mountains, and sky”–
Just in case you ever wonder Lucado Max E FIC LUC A parent tells a child how special she is, both to the parent and to God.
Best of all Lucado Max E FIC LUC
I see a star Marzollo Jean E FIC MAR
What does love look like? Oke Janette E FIC OKE An insightful look at the many facets of love; a touching story the whole family will want to share.
The easy-to-read little engine that could Piper Watty E FIC PIP
Who’s there Reasoner Charles E FIC REA Children guess which animal is hiding. Then they slide open the page and the animal appears.
Curious George goes to the hospital Rey Margret E FIC REY
My father’s hands Ryder Joanne E FIC RYD A child’s father digs in the garden, finding and presenting for inspection such wonders as a round gold beetle and a leaf-green mantis.
The impossible patriotism project Skeers Linda. E FIC SKE Caleb has a hard time coming up with a way to symbolize patriotism for Presidents’ Day until he realizes that his dad, who is away from home in the military, is what patriotism is all about.
When I feel sad Spelman Cornelia Maude E FIC SPE A young guinea pig describes situations that make her sad.
When I feel scared Spelman Cornelia Maude E FIC SPE A little bear describes situations that bring about fear, how it feels to be scared, and what can make things better.
When I feel jealous Spelman Cornelia Maude E FIC SPE A young bear describes situations that make her jealous, how it feels to be jealous, and how she can feel better.
I meant to tell you Stevenson James E FIC STE The author remembers special times that he and his daughter shared as she was growing up.
Baby says Steptoe John E FIC STE This is a perfect first book to share with a baby just learning to talk. Steptoe’s warm and loving portrayal of baby trying to get big brother’s attention is a celebration of the universality of childhood.
Stories and prayers E FIC STO Book with 2 audiocassettes; stories and poems narrated by Linda M. Randazzo and Bill Buchner.
Hug me Stren Patti E FIC STR More than anything in the world, Elliot, the porcupine, wants a friend who will hug him.
Families of God Swartz Susan Swanson E FIC SWA
Twinkle, twinkle little star Taylor Jane E FIC TAY A new interpretation of the classic nursery rhyme follows two small chidren as they embark on a journey to follow a twinkling star, which takes them from their back yard to a stable where a baby is born.
Round is a mooncake: A book of shapes Thong Roseanne. E FIC THO As a little girl discovers things round, square, and rectangular in her urban neighborhood, she is reminded of her Chinese American culture.
If Jesus came to my house. Thomas Joan Gale. E FIC THO
Owl babies Waddell Martin E FIC WAD Never has the plight of young ones who miss their mother been so simply told or so beautifully rendered as in this tale of three baby owls who awaken one night to find their mother gone.
Hello, sun: A morningtime tale of God’s great care Walsh Sheila E FIC WAL When God ignores her prayer for a sunny day on her birthday, five-year-old Emma is disappointed, but then she receives a wonderful surprise.
What a wonderful world Weiss George David E FIC WEI What simpler way could there be to express to children the beauty and the harmony in the world around them than through the lyrics of this song by George David Weiss and Bob Thiele, made famous by the great Louis Armstrong? And what better visual accompaniment than the bright colorful artwork by award-winning Ashley Bryan depicting children of many backgrounds (and Louis Armstrong himself) performing a puppet show that brings the lyrics to life. Here is a book of brightness, wonder, and hope to be shared by all. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.
Do you know what mothers do? White Emma Jane E FIC WHI This book is planned to help the Nursery II child begin to understand God’s plan for mothers to love and care for their babies. A young child is curious about the way a mother cares for a new baby.
The velveteen rabbit or how toys become real–1995 Williams Margery E FIC WIL By the time the velveteen rabbit is dirty, worn out, and about to be burned, he has almost given up hope of ever finding the magic called Real.
The velveteen rabbit or how toys become real–1997 Williams Margery E FIC WIL By the time the velveteen rabbit is dirty, worn out, and about to be burned, he has almost given up hope of ever finding the magic called Real.
“More more more” said the baby: 3 love stories Williams Vera B. E FIC WIL Three babies are caught up in the air and given loving attention by a father, grandmother, and mother.
Do you know what I’ll do? Zolotow Charlotte E FIC ZOL In this celebration of a sister’s special love, a little girl delights her brother with a series of promises about all the wonderful things she’ll do to make him happy as they both grow up. Full-color illustrations.
Dear God, It’s Me Again Fitzgerald Annie E FIT
Unwrapping the Christmas crèche Flinn Lisa, 1951- E FLI Each figure in the manger scene comes to life as we follow a child’s thoughts and actions when the Christmas crèche is unwrapped.
A Child is Born Gran Mary Alice E GRA
Beatrice and Raymond Hart Kim E HAR
I Love You Mommy and Daddy Harker Jillian E HAR
The little shepherd girl : a Christmas story Henry Juliann. E HEN While looking after her flock, a little shepherd girl sees the star and angels announcing the birth of Jesus and then meets the newborn baby in a manger.
The first Easter Heyer Carol, 1950- E HEY A simple retelling of the events leading up to the first Easter.
Humphrey’s first Christmas Heyer Carol, 1950- E HEY A camel, grumbling about losing his favorite blanket then having to carry a heavy load, meets a special newborn baby who fills him with love, joy, and generosity.
The Parable of the Lily Higgs Liz Curtis. E HIG A farmer’s daughter receives a mysterious gift which she neglects and then discards, only to find out on Easter morning how special it is. Bible verses link the story to the life of Jesus.
The Parable of the Lily Higgs Liz Curtis. E HIG A farmer’s daughter receives a mysterious gift which she neglects and then discards, only to find out on Easter morning how special it is. Bible verses link the story to the life of Jesus.
The hello, goodbye window Juster Norton, 1929- E JUS Looking through the kitchen window, a little girl and her doting grandparents watch stars, play games, and, most importantly, say hello and goodbye.
Purplicious Kann Victoria. E KAN When her classmates make fun of her for still liking the color pink, a little girl feels all alone, but then a friend shows her the power of pink.
Because nothing looks like God Kushner Lawrence, 1943- E KUS
How does God make things happen? Kushner Lawrence, 1943- E KUS
The Lord’s prayer Ladwig Tim. E LAD
God made it for you! : the story of creation Lehmann Charles. E LEH A retelling of the story of creation, stressing that God made it all for us.
What is heaven like? Lewis Beverly, 1949- E LEW Wondering about heaven after the death of his grandfather, a boy questions his sister, a teacher, his parents, and other people, whose diverse answers help him begin to understand life after death and how to ensure that he will see his grandfather again one day.
What is God like? Lewis Beverly, 1949- E LEW A boy and his younger sister, remembering what their father has told them and what they have read in the Bible, help each other to understand the attributes of God.
If Jesus walked beside me Lord Jill Roman. E LOR
If Jesus came to visit me Lord Jill Roman. E LOR
You are mine Lucado Max E LUC Copy 2 Punchinello has an urge for others’ approval, a drive to be like the rest of the crowd, a need to show off all our “stuff.” And like Punchinello, there are many times we don’t count the cost until the cost becomes too great. Punchinello learns a hard but essential lesson: it’s not what you have that counts, but Whose you are.
You are special Lucado Max E LUC Copy 2 Punchinello’s opinion of himself changes after talking to his creator.
All you ever need Lucado Max E LUC “May you always drink from God’s fountain.”
You are mine Lucado Max E LUC Punchinello has an urge for others’ approval, a drive to be like the rest of the crowd, a need to show off all our “stuff.” And like Punchinello, there are many times we don’t count the cost until the cost becomes too great. Punchinello learns a hard but essential lesson: it’s not what you have that counts, but Whose you are.
If only I had a green nose Lucado Max E LUC Punchinello learns that it can be difficult, foolish, and even dangerous to try to keep up with the latest fads and that Eli, his maker, gave each Wemmick different characteristics on purpose.
With you all the way Lucado Max E LUC
God loves me more than that Mackall Dandi Daley. E MAC Simple, rhyming text explores the extent of God’s love, which is more than the bumbles in a bumblebee and softer than a kitten’s sneeze.
The Not-So-Wise Man MacDonald Alan, 1958- E MAC Ashtar, a very wise man, goes in search of a newborn king come from Heaven but is not wise enough to find him.
The very first Christians Maier Paul L. E MAI Examines the Nativity story as the origin of Christmas, viewing it in both scriptural and secular contexts.
Knots on a counting rope Martin Bill, 1916-2004. E MAR An Indian grandfather, relates at his grandson’s urging, the story of the boy’s name.
Guess how much I love you McBratney Sam. E MCB During a bedtime game, every time Little Nutbrown Hare demonstrates how much he loves his father, Big Nutbrown Hare gently shows him that the love is returned even more.
Have you filled a bucket today? : a guide to daily happiness McCloud Carolyn. E MCC
The legend of the three trees McCafferty Catherine. E MCC An olive tree, an oak tree, and a pine tree dream of great things, and their dreams are fulfilled when each fills an important role in the life of Jesus.
A wish to be a Christmas tree Monroe Colleen. E MON Feeling sad because no one chooses it as a Christmas tree, a bedraggled forest pine discovers the importance of being appreciated all year long.
Baby rattlesnake Moroney Lynn. E MOR Willful Baby Rattlesnake throws tantrums to get his rattle before he’s ready, but he misuses it and learns a lesson. Written in English and Spanish.
He’s got the whole world in his hands Nelson Kadir. E NEL An illustrated version of the well-known song that began as a spiritual and is now sung in churches, camps, schools, and has been recorded by opera singers, country artists, and children’s performers.
What mommies do best Numeroff Laura Joffe. E NUM Mothers and fathers participating in everyday activities show their love for their children in very similar ways.
The best mouse cookie Numeroff Laura Joffe. E NUM
The Always Prayer Shawl Oberman Sheldon. E OBE A prayer shawl is handed down from grandfather to grandson in this story of Jewish tradition and the passage of generations.
I talk to God about how I feel Omartian Stormie. E OMA Describes such frequently encountered emotions as loneliness, worry, and anger, and explains how prayer and talking with God help to ease these emotions and help cope with fear or loss.
The prayer that makes God smile Omartian Stormie. E OMA Shows kids how to give thanks for family and friends, give their wants and needs to their heavenly Father, and trust Him to do what is right for their lives, with an explanation about what it means to pray the best prayer of all–asking Jesus to come into your heart.
Unexpected treasures Osteen Victoria. E OST Told with a yo-ho-ho and with sing-songy rhymes, these two adventurous friends teach the old pirate that the best treasure of all is the love in our hearts. A fun activity and crafts page at the end of the book encourages kids to implement the lesson they’ve just learned and to the adventure in their own daily lives.
The story of Jesus Pingry Patricia A., 1941- E PIN
The story of the Ten commandments Pingry Patricia A., 1941- E PIN A simple retelling of how Moses led the Jews out of slavery in Egypt to the land promised them by God and how he brought them God’s commandments.
The story of the Lord’s Prayer Pingry Patricia A., 1941- E PIN
The time of Easter Richterkessing Sue. E RIC Two young mice find the pastor’s wooden cross which had been missing for two years.
The time of the church Richterkessing Sue. E RIC Designs that two young mice draw and quilt are combined into a banner to illustrate the seasons and festivals of the church year, from Pentecost to Christ the King Sunday.
The time of the church Richterkessing Sue. E RIC Designs that two young mice draw and quilt are combined into a banner to illustrate the seasons and festivals of the church year, from Pentecost to Christ the King Sunday.
The time of Christmas Richterkessing Sue. E RIC
The best Christmas pageant ever Robinson Barbara, E ROB The six horrible Herdmans, the worst children in the history of the world, take over the annual Christmas pageant.
All About Jesus Rock Lois E ROC
All about the Bible Rock Lois E ROC
All About God Rock Lois E ROC
All about Prayer Rock Lois E ROC
The carpenter’s gift : a Christmas tale about the Rockefeller Center tree Rubel David. E RUB In Depression-era New York City, construction workers at the Rockefeller Center site help a family in need–a gift that is repaid years later in the donation of an enormous Christmas tree.
Silver packages : an Appalachian Christmas story Rylant Cynthia. E RYl Every year at Christmas a rich man rides a train through Appalachia and throws gifts to the poor children who are waiting, in order to repay a debt he owes the people who live there.
Give me grace : a child’s daybook of prayers Rylant Cynthia. E RYL Presents seven prayers in rhyme, one for each day of the week.
Mr. Putter & Tabby paint the porch Rylant Cynthia. E RYL Mr. Putter finds it a challenge to paint his front porch in the presence of his cat Tabby and his neighbor’s dog Zeke.
A fruitcake Christmas Schmidt Troy. E SCH After Hailey and Bailey show Iggy and Ziggy Cockroach the true meaning of Christmas, all of the garden insects share some of Grannypillar’s famous fruitcake.
Six by Seuss. Seuss Dr. E SEU An anthology of six stories by Dr. Seuss, including “And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street,” “The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins,” “Horton Hatches the Egg,” “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” “The Lorax,” and “Yertle the Turtle.”
The flood that came to grandma’s house Stallone Linda, 1947- E STA When the rainfall from Hurricane Agnes causes the Susquehanna River to flood, Grandma and Grandpa abandon their home and flee to higher ground.
The best thing about Easter Tangvald Christine Harder, 1941- E TAN Describes elements of a typical Easter celebration, including colored eggs, candy, and baby animals, and explains why we celebrate the holiday.
How I Pray For My Freinds St. John Taylor Jeannie E TAY
God’s dream Tutu Desmond. E TUT An introduction for the youngest readers to Archbishop Tutu’s message of forgiveness and empathy.
Courage Waber Bernard. E WAB Provides examples of the many kinds of courage found in everyday life and in unusual circumstances, from tasting the vegetable before making a face to being a firefighter or police officer.
The Apostles’ Creed Walker Joni. E WAL Teaches young children about the Triune God as stated in the three articles of faith found in the Apostles’ Creed.
Give thanks to the Lord Wilson Karma. E WIL A boy gives thanks to the Lord for all that he has in this illustrated interpretation of Psalm XCII.
Jesus wants me for a sunbeam Wilhelm Hans, 1945- E WIL A newly-hatched duckling illustrates an adaptation of the text of the song “Jesus wants me for a sunbeam” written by Nellie Talbot.
Let’s make a joyful noise Wilson Karma. E WIL A little boy enjoys all the different ways people and animals have of celebrating Psalm 100:1.
Mortimer’s Christmas manger Wilson Karma. E WIL Unhappy in his cramped, cold hole, Mortimer Mouse moves into a nativity scene thinking it is the perfect home for him, until he discovers who truly belongs there.
The secret of saying thanks Wood Douglas, 1951- E WOO While learning the secret to a good life, a child says thank you for the natural world and for being loved, because a grateful heart is always happy.
Mouse tales–things hoped for : Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany Boling Ruth L. Fic BOL A congregation of mice works together to prepare their church and their hearts for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany, and welcomes a new family into the fold.
A midnight clear : stories for the Christmas season Paterson Katherine. FIC PAT
The giving tree. Silverstein Shel. FIC SIL A young boy grows to manhood and old age experiencing the love and generosity of a tree which gives to him without thought of return.
Old Turtle [sound recording]. Wood Douglas FIC WOO “Discover how Old Turtle brings peace to all the beings of the world in this classic fable of respect for the earth and the diverse human family. Sing along with author/composer Douglas Wood and his friends as they celebrate Old Turtle’s message”–Container insert.
Youth NonFiction
What’s Heaven? Shriver Maria Y 128 SHR After her great-grandmother’s death, a young girl learns about heaven by asking her mother all kinds of questions.
What’s Heaven? Shriver Maria Y 128 SHR After her great-grandmother’s death, a young girl learns about heaven by asking her mother all kinds of questions.
Hurlbut’s story of the Bible for the young and old: A continuous narrative of the scriptures told in one hundred sixty-eight stories Hurlburt Jesse Lyman Y 220 HUR
Study helps to the Holy Bible Y 220 STU
The Bible for children Wangerin Walter, Jr. Y 220 WAG An illustrated version with simplified text of the Old and New Testaments
If You’d Been There in Bible Times Jeffs Stephanie Y 220.3 JEF
Young readers dictionary of the Bible: For use with the Revised Standard Version of the Bible Y 220.3 YOU
Young reader’s Bible dictionary Y 220.3 Each definition includes references to passages in the Bible where the word appears. The entries also include a guide for pronouncing each proper name and for other difficult words.
How our Bible came to us Doney Meryl, 1942- Y 220.4 DON Discusses how the Bible came into being, who wrote it, early and modern translations, monks and manuscripts, and the importance of the Bible.
The miracles of Jesus and other Bible stories Hastings Selina Y 220.9 HAS
David & Goliath and other Bible stories Hastings Selina (Retold by) Y 220.9 HAS
Interactive Bible stories for children: New Testament Keffer Lois Y 220.9 KEF
Bible hero adventures: New Testament Keffer Lois, Ed. Y 220.9 KEF
Living God’s way: Bible stories retold for children in today’s world Milton Ralph Y 220.9 MIL
Best-loved parables: Stories Jesus told Rock Lois Y 220.9 ROC In this book Jesus’ stories are retold for children in a lively and engaging style while retaining the resonances of the Gospel accounts in the Bible that have preserved them as part of the world’s heritage for nearly two thousand years.
The loving arms of God Stickney Anne Elizabeth Y 220.9 STI A retelling of Bible stories illustrating God’s relationship with his people through the history of Israel, the ministry of Jesus, and the early church.
The living Bible story book Taylor Kenneth N. Y 220.9 TAY A retelling of more than 70 well-known Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments. Also includes discussion questions.
The Golden Bible atlas Terrien Samuel Y 220.9 TER Both an atlas and a picture-history of the Holy Land and its environs; full color maps
O Jerusalem Yolen Jane Y 220.9 YOL A poetic tribute to Jerusalem, in honor of the 3000th anniversary of its founding, celebrating its history as a holy city for three major religions.
Egermeier’s Bible story book Egermeier Elsie E. (Elsie Emilie), 1890-1986. Y 220.95 EGE A collection of Bible stories presented in chronological order from Genesis to Revelations in an easy-to-read-text.
Life in Bible times Tarrant Chris. Y 220.95 TAR Pictures and text depict life in Biblical time through the stories of ten men and women in the Bible, from Jacob to Paul.
Interactive Bible stories for children. Old Testament Y 221.92 INT
Bible hero adventures: Old Testament Keffer Lois, Ed. Y 221.92 KEF
The glorious impossible L’Engle Madeleine Y 232 LEN Life of Jesus
Jesus Wildsmith Brian. Y 232.901 WIL
Finding your real I.D. LaPlaca Annette Heinrich, 1964- Y 242.63 LAP
What it’s like to be me Exley Helen, Ed. Y 362.4 EXL
Thanksgiving: A time to remember Rainey Barbara Y 394.2 RAI
Leaves from a child’s garden of verses Stevenson Robert Louis Y 821 STE
The Children’s World Atlas Barrett Norman S. Y 912 BAR Maps, photographs, illustrations, and text present information about the statistics, politics, history, culture, and physical features of the countries of the world, arranged by continent or region.
My first atlas Boyle Bill (William F.) Y 912 BOY
Youth  Fiction
The city of Ember DuPrau Jeanne. Y DUP In the year 241, twelve-year-old Lina trades jobs on Assignment Day to be a Messenger to run to new places in her decaying but beloved city, perhaps even to glimpse Unknown Regions.
Fight for life Anderson Laurie Halse. Y FIC AND With the help of her veterinarian grandmother and the other volunteers at the Wild at Heart Animal Clinic, eleven-year-old Maggie rescues sick puppies from an illegal puppy mill.
Ribsy. Cleary Beverly. Y FIC CLE Separated from his owner, Henry Huggins, in a shopping center parking lot, an ordinary city dog begins a string of bewildering adventures.
Socks. Cleary Beverly. Y FIC CLE The happy home life of Socks, the cat, is disrupted by the addition of a new baby to the household.
The prophet of Yonwood DuPrau Jeanne. Y FIC DUP While visiting the small town of Yonwood, North Carolina, eleven-year-old Nickie makes some decisions about how to identify both good and evil when she witnesses the townspeople’s reactions to the apocalyptic visions of one of their neighbors.
Jackie’s Wild Seattle Hobbs Will. Y FIC HOB Fourteen-year-old Shannon and her little brother, Cody, spend the summer with their uncle, helping at a wildlife rescue center named Jackie’s Wild Seattle.
The tale of three trees: A traditional folktale Hunt Angela Elwell (Retold by) Y FIC HUN Three trees growing on a hilltop dream of grand futures, but when they’re claimed by woodcutters, other things happen. One becomes a manger that holds the Christ child, another a humble fishing boat that carries Jesus and his followers, and the third is cut into stout timbers that become Jesus’s cross. A traditional folktale about the power of God’s love to transform and renew.
The view from Saturday Konigsburg E. L. Y FIC KON Four students, with their own individual stories, develop a special bond and attract the attention of their teacher, a paraplegic, who chooses them to represent their sixth-grade class in the Academic Bowl competition.
Lizzy lies a lot Levy Elizabeth Y FIC LEV Nine-year-old Lizzie’s impulse to lie affects her relationships with family and friends.
Prince Caspian, the return to Narnia. Lewis C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963. Y FIC LEW
Lake of secrets Littke Lael. Y FIC LIT Having arrived in her mother’s home town to try to find her long-missing brother, who disappeared three years before she was born, fifteen-year-old Carlene finds herself haunted by memories from a past life.
Stranger in the mist McCusker Paul, 1958- Y FIC MCC When King Arthur turns up in America in the mid-1990s, fifteen-year-old Elizabeth, Jeff, and Uncle Malcolm decide that they must return him to England.
Strange journey back McCusker Paul, 1958- Y FIC MCC Distressed by his parents’ separation, Mark tries to go back in time to set things right and discovers that some changes are unavoidable.
Danger lies ahead McCusker Paul, 1958- Y FIC MCC Jack finally turns to his parents, who teach him about trust and friendship, after the new kid at school has ensnared him in a web of lies.
The mystery of the white elephant Murphy Elspeth Campbell. Y FIC MUR When Timothy and his cousins go to the church swap meet, they discover a thief has stolen the white elephant they plan to buy, and it’s up to them to find the culprit.
My life as crocodile junk food Myers Bill, 1953- Y FIC MYE Twelve-year-old Wally visits missionaries in the South American rain forest and stumbles into a series of what he thinks are impossible predicaments, until he understands the joy of sharing Jesus with others.
My life as a broken bungee cord Myers Bill, 1953- Y FIC MYE When he takes part in a hot air balloon race, twelve-year-old Wally, computer whiz and “human catastrophe,” learns what it means to fully put his trust in God.
My life as a smashed burrito with extra hot sauce Myers Bill, 1953- Y FIC MYE Twelve-year-old Wally, a computer whiz who is a “walking disaster area,” ends up in a competition with the bully of Camp Whacka-Whacka, and when they find themselves fighting for their lives, Wally realizes that even his worst enemy needs God.
My life as alien monster bait Myers Bill, 1953- Y FIC MYE Wally’s pride gets out of control when he is chosen for a part in a movie being made in Middletown, until he learns the importance of true friendship and God’s desire for humility.
When my name was Keoko Park Linda Sue. Y FIC PAR With national pride and occasional fear, a brother and sister face the increasingly oppressive occupation of Korea by Japan during World War II, which threatens to suppress Korean culture entirely.
Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban Rowling J. K. Y FIC ROW During his third year at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry Potter must confront the devious and dangerous wizard responsible for his parents’ deaths.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Rowling J. K. Y FIC ROW When the Chamber of Secrets is opened again at the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, second-year student Harry Potter finds himself in danger from a dark power that has once more been released on the school.
Here’s Lily! Rue Nancy Y FIC RUE Lily Robbins becomes obsessed with becoming a model.
Lily Robbins, M.D. (Medical dabbler) Rue Nancy Y FIC RUE Lily is on a mission to become a “great healer” or healthcare professional and no one’s going to stop her.
Lily’s ultimate party Rue Nancy Y FIC RUE Lily starts her own business to pay for her party. Lily learns the importance of allowing others to be who God made them to be, rather than who she wants them to be.
Lily the rebel Rue Nancy Y FIC RUE Lily is questioning the rules–both at home and at school, and it’s getting harder to keep her mouth shut about it.
Lily and the creep Rue Nancy N. Y FIC RUE When Lily and her sixth-grade friends turn to self-esteem books, they find the results cause more problems until they discover where to seek true self-image.
Holes Sachar Louis, 1954- Y FIC SAC As further evidence of his family’s bad fortune which they attribute to a curse on a distant relative, Stanley Yelnats is sent to a hellish correctional camp in the Texas desert where he finds his first real friend, a treasure, and a new sense of himself.
Ballet shoes Streatfeild Noel. Y FIC STR Determined to make a name for themselves, three adopted sisters living in London train for the ballet and the stage and in the process discover that each has a special talent.
The candy factory mystery Warner Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979. Y FIC WAR When the Aldens have the chance to work at a candy factory, they try to find out who is sabotaging the candy and why.
Surprise Island Warner Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979. Y FIC WAR
The yellow house mystery Warner Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979. Y FIC WAR
Mystery ranch Warner Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979. Y FIC WAR
The mystery of the silent nightingale Murphy Elspeth Campbell. Y MUR Sarah-Jane and her two cousins solve a mystery involving an antique locket they plan to give their favorite baby-sitter.
The mystery of the wrong dog Murphy Elspeth Campbell. Y MUR Titus and his cousins are taking care of their neighbors’ crabby Yorkshire terrier when the dog suddenly becomes sweet-tempered and the cousins have a mystery on their hands.