Ash Wednesday marked the beginning of the season of Lent, this period of 40 days and 40 nights. Right, it’s the journey to the cross. It’s a solemn season. We just celebrated the birth of Christ, and now our attention turns to his death by crucifixion. We recognize the grief of this season, sit in it, and then of course on Easter Sunday, we celebrate the life and resurrection of Jesus! Full victory over sin and death.

For many, they take up a spiritual discipline or give something up for Lent. For so many people, they choose to give up food for Lent. Some give up sugar, coffee, alcohol, potato chips, chocolate, ice cream, etc. But for me, I choose to take up something. In some past sermons here at Lovely Lane, I’ve named that I have a past of an eating disorder. In many instances, an eating disorder is a long term thing. It’s mental, and you can be triggered. I check in on myself regularly or, if I’m triggered, work through it. For me, and maybe for you, I choose not to give up food, because it does not bring me closer to God. In general I don’t fast from food because my mind goes to, Oh, I’m not eating any calories! instead of, While not eating, I’ll pray and grow closer to God. Giving up something for Lent isn’t a diet fad. It’s not an opportunity to lose X no. of pounds.

When giving up something for Lent as a spiritual discipline, might we ask ourselves that question, Am I giving up this item as a small sacrifice to remind myself of how Jesus suffered or am I giving up this item to lose x number of pounds during these 40 days and 40 nights? If your answer is yes to the second question, might you consider taking on something for Lent. Maybe you take on a new devotion, a prayer practice, forest bathing, putting down your phone during a family dinner, etc.

Whatever it might be, I pray this season of Lent brings you closer to the creator, and may it be a reminder to you that you are beloved, beautiful, and a child of God.

Peace, Pastor Kristina