Blessed are you when the laundry

overflows in the corner-


Wrinkled and clean,

Or folded ready to be put away.


Blessed are you when the simple task of laundry

Feels like too much to bear,

When your to-do list leaves you weary,

Expectations weight heavy,

And so many are relying on your help.


And oh, how blessed are you

When you’re continuously reminded of the laundry

As you walk past the corner of piled clothes

Or the clothes in the dryer going on yet another week of sitting there.


In the midst of it all,

May you be reminded that you are loved,

And you are more than your to-do list at hand.

You are more than the pile of laundry,

The wrinkly shirt,

Or the cycle going on a third wash

Because you were too exhausted to put them in the dryer.


So, if you need to-

Sit Down





Breathe In: I am Loved

Breathe Out: Always