I’ve thrown the word ‘Hygge’ around a few times, and you might be thinking, “what does that mean?” Hygge comes from Nordic countries, and it means the art of coziness and embracing the simple parts of life. Think blankets, pillows, candles, warm fires, sweaters, cozy slippers, etc. These are mere objects of Hygge that help us to embrace coziness, but true Hygge is an inward focus within. In Nordic countries, Hygge happens in the coldest and darkest parts of the year. They experience maybe 5-6 hours of sunlight during the winter, yet they are some of the happiest people on earth, and we believe that Hygge probably has something to do with that. Hygge is all about embracing coziness, living in the moment, and cultivating warmth in your heart. It’s about holding on to hope in the midst of the coldest and darkest times of the year and times of our lives.

At Nourished, we’re excited to release our Advent Calendar on Hygge, the Nordic culture of the art of coziness. Instead of meeting for Centering during such a busy time of the year, we are pushing out digital content. We invite you to participate with us this Advent season by intentionally practicing Hygge, to prepare our hearts for the light coming into the world, both in the coming of the Christ child and as the days grow longer. You can download our Advent Calendar at the link below. We’ll also post each prompt every day on our social media. Each Friday leading up to Christmas, we’ll also post reflections written by members of the community and send them out to our Nourished email list. So if you don’t already like Nourished on Facebook and Instagram, be sure to follow us so you don’t miss any content! Join us this Advent season in practicing Hygge!

Download our Advent Calendar here.

Stay Cozy!