We recently announced that we were forming a youth co-op with Peoples Church, but you may be wondering, “What does this mean and how will the Youth Co-op work?

In the co-op, we are going to focus on two types of gatherings:

  1. Experience and Exploration Based; and
  2. Faith Formation Based

Experience and Exploration: During the experience-based gatherings, we will combine all of the youth together in the co-op. This will be a weekly event on Sundays in either the afternoon or evening and will be an hour and a half to two hours in time. When we gather as a whole co-op, the youth will have four kinds of experiences that are meant to help them explore their own faith. These are:

  1. A Sunday of Play – relationships and friendship happen during times of play together, so these Sundays simply focus on doing something fun together.
  2. Learning Adventure – there are many fascinating people and organizations in our city, so these Sundays we will host a speaker or go to an organization to learn about what they do.
  3. Spiritual Practice – part of exploration is trying new things, so on these Sundays we will tryout a spiritual practice together and reflect on our experience with it.
  4. Service & Justice – to offer acts of care helps us learn how we are connected to others and our world, so on these Sundays we will do service activities or something to try and make the world just a bit better.

Faith Formation: During faith formation-based gatherings, youth will learn about their specific faith tradition. These gatherings will be offered at the youth’s church of origin and at a different time than the combined gathering on Sundays. Peoples Church youth will meet on Sunday mornings to dive deeper into the Unitarian Universalist tradition. Lovely Lane Youth will meet on Wednesday evenings to learn about Methodism and the larger Christian tradition. This way youth from both churches truly get the opportunity to learn more about the tradition they come from.

Youth Co-op starts up on Sept. 11th—mark your calendars!! We will gather together from 5 to 6:30 PM at Ryan’s house (3000 Carroll Dr. SE, CR) for pizza and smores over a

Because we are in the process of combining youth groups, we are working on settling on times and locations. More information and an official schedule will be available on the 11th.

Also, if any youth are interested in being part of a monthly Dungeons & Dragons Group, please let Ryan know by Sept. 11th.

If you have questions about how we are going about the youth group, please reach out to me!
Youth Director — Ryan Roth-Klinck, ryan@lovelylane.org; (940) 390-7437